To my relief

she listened

And I dropped in..

Past the anger

Past the anguish 

Down, down, down

To the grief.

To the very bloodroot of things.

My Mind Bullied My Beautiful Body Until I Made It Stop

I remember being stared at when I was younger and while I liked the attention, there was something about it that really disturbed me, and that was being seen for what I was, not who I was. After I turned 40 something I started to experience a sense of ‘invisibility’, and I felt a strange combination of grief and relief. I’d dip in and out of thoughts like “oh, here it is, the point where my desirability is no more”, then the consequential fear; “no one will want me, and I will be alone for the rest of my life”, and “oh, finally, I don’t have to ‘perform’ like a circus monkey for your entertainment anymore!”.

REAL is the new SEXY

Originally posted on Jamie's Blog:
It’s so radical to be authentic these days that it has an enigma all of it’s own. It’s very powerful to be visible with your vulnerabilities, it shakes people up in the places where they are too scared to be so visible. Listen to their judgements. They give you…

The Great Divide – A Tantric Perspective

Men and boys grow up in our culture walking on eggshells. The idea that masculinity is something to fear permeates the psyches of men and women alike.  To tend toward aggression, violence, domination, and exploitation, is almost expected of men. We expect them to be guilty before proven innocent. We expect them to ‘step up’ and ‘man up’. The effect of these unspoken assumptions is a heavy burden to bear.

Arnhem Land

Standing on a plateau in Arnhem land I shed cool and silent tears. My feet connected to the earth… with every cell of my being, I hear the whispers of generations. The Dreamtime is not some primitive fantasy It is a realm beyond our ignorance a portal beyond time. Weaving songlines cross the land and every…

Primal Scream

“I am more awake than I have ever been… yet reeling from the dream.”

An All Too Common Grace

Leaves fall to the ground So Precious Yet completely ignored   taken for granted… What a shame, what a shame.. it’s not just the breakdown of elements returning to the soil there is alchemy sublime in every instant of exchange   the transition the movement itself an invisible secret…   the patterns of the past acknowledged, responded to and…

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse ~ Avalon Darnesh

Holy shit. I’m having a smack in the face at the insanely unacceptable levels of abuse that women still suffer on our planet. I’m not finger pointing at men, because the whole culture is totally screwed up and it’s a domino effect. Those men were raised by women, and if those women were in their…

A Note to the Menfolk ~ from a former radical lesbian feminist

Written by Hellena Post Once upon a time I was a radical lesbian feminist.  I’d come to that position from having indifferent, dodgy, and invisible connections with men in my childhood, having been molested as a child, and probably partly being really pissed off that my dad had left me and died when I was 7. After…

Radical Self-Love

In 2011, just after New Year and in the blink of an eye – an entire life I had created with my husband of 11 years disappeared into the ether after a domestic violence incident. This was my second marriage and I was shocked. The life I had struggled and fought to create every moment…