Breaking the Cycle of Abuse ~ Avalon Darnesh

Holy shit. I’m having a smack in the face at the insanely unacceptable levels of abuse that women still suffer on our planet. I’m not finger pointing at men, because the whole culture is totally screwed up and it’s a domino effect. Those men were raised by women, and if those women were in their full radiance and feminine power, they would be raising men to be respectful of women. Not blaming the mothers, because if they were raised with love and respect, they would embody these qualities within themselves. And the fathers would also be a living example of integrity and respect. So, pointing the finger is pointless really.

What we need is a total cultural shake up and transformation. We need to be raising our children with love and respect, so there is NO WAY they would violate another. We need to support parents to break this cycle of abuse and stop disrespecting children. The disrespect can be subtle, but it accumulates and leads to more disconnection and violence. I see it in the supermarket. I hear it coming from our next door neighbours. This is NORMAL parenting. Yelling, criticizing, telling children they’re wrong and naughty. That’s where it all starts. It might seem like nothing, but that is disrespect and domination and the cycle continues.

If this is confronting and you see it in your own life, it’s not your fault either. We are immersed in a domination culture. I am feeling a bee in my bonnet, and knowing my part is to support the mothers. Support the ones who have been through abuse. I’ve been there, come out the other side, and have learned the ins and outs of how to heal our hearts, reclaim our self respect, sexual sovereignty and feminine power. Then, we can raise our children in more healthy and connected ways too, because they are immersed in our energy. That’s my area.

Feeling determined and something blurry is starting to take form… a new offering, accessible to all the women who feel drawn to it, who have suffered abuse, who still feel pain inside, who think they are broken or faulty or not good enough. This shit has got to stop. Watch this space.

Avalon Darnesh

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