“My senses are electric and magnetic.

My nervous system sparkles with pleasure as I feel the coolness of dew under my feet.”

Diving for Pearls

The downside to the transcendence paradigm is that it all too often does not acknowledge the wholeness of the exquisite blessing that is our humanity. In fact, if we are not careful it can reinforce the damaging rift between the thinking and feeling parts of us. so that we end up (unconsciously) judging, editing, marginalising or suppressing our true urges and feelings (essentially the feminine aspect of our being)… sound familiar? Breathe into that for a bit…

Trauma, Victimhood and Denial

Recently, I read a post by a popular spiritual leader where he picks apart and condemns the new age movement and accuses its exponents of judgement, spiritual bypassing and denial of victimhood. While I haven’t been much of a fan of the new-age movement myself, I feel compelled to speak up (as I do) about a…