To my relief

she listened

And I dropped in..

Past the anger

Past the anguish 

Down, down, down

To the grief.

To the very bloodroot of things.

Deep Defiance

Originally posted on Joyous Woman! with Sukhvinder Sircar:
She’s redefining Deep Defiance. It comes from her roots going deep into the earth. There are too many happenings in her world wanting to break her down. Her rootedness makes her unshakable. That is defiance enough. It does not necessarily show up as a fist in the…

A Note to the Menfolk ~ from a former radical lesbian feminist

Written by Hellena Post Once upon a time I was a radical lesbian feminist.  I’d come to that position from having indifferent, dodgy, and invisible connections with men in my childhood, having been molested as a child, and probably partly being really pissed off that my dad had left me and died when I was 7. After…

Dear Men

Dear Men, There may be some empathy and healing for humanity to access when we realise that women not only feel their individual pain but also are affected by the collective feminine energy field… Depending on a woman’s sensitivity and the place in her cycle, her receptivity and how she is affected by this changes….

Diving for Pearls

The downside to the transcendence paradigm is that it all too often does not acknowledge the wholeness of the exquisite blessing that is our humanity. In fact, if we are not careful it can reinforce the damaging rift between the thinking and feeling parts of us. so that we end up (unconsciously) judging, editing, marginalising or suppressing our true urges and feelings (essentially the feminine aspect of our being)… sound familiar? Breathe into that for a bit…

Trauma, Victimhood and Denial

Recently, I read a post by a popular spiritual leader where he picks apart and condemns the new age movement and accuses its exponents of judgement, spiritual bypassing and denial of victimhood. While I haven’t been much of a fan of the new-age movement myself, I feel compelled to speak up (as I do) about a…

Western Women Will Save The World?

It’s not uncommon for me to end up in earnest dialogues women who describe themselves as feminists. I was once accused of having a ‘First World’ perspective and that my statements were basically invalid as many women don’t have the luxury of education and (relative) freedom of speech to indulge in the ‘frivolous’ pursuit of embodying femininity. (If frivolous is how they see their femininity.. then what is feminism actually?). I replied that “this simple truth highlighted our OBLIGATION (as western women) to use our place of ‘privilege’ to embody and honor feminine wisdom and to SPEAK OUT because we are the ones that have the freedom and wherewithal to do so!”