She told me her story. How her mother got her addicted to meth when she was 14. How she single handedly raised her little brother and sister. How her other brother is going to jail. How she is pregnant. “But don’t worry” she says… It’s from a previous relationship. Before I met your son. I…

The Spirit of Palm Beach

I’ve been tempted to judge myself as desperate and needy, indulging Mills and Boonesque fantasies of a romance with the ghost of a troubled surfer-boy from Palm Beach.

Writer’s Block

This is a eulogy for all the words that never fell on paper. Born from an ocean of impression Between impulse and exhale   Seeds… ripe with potential that were not born to stay     Unrequited love is here again today.      

Another One Bites The Dust

Rant Warning: I rarely go to public events these days but, when I do, it’s because I believe the experience will be worth it. I love spoken word and poetry slams so I was thrilled when I saw my beloved Luka Lesson was performing at Miami Marketta on Sunday. The first half of the afternoon…

The Nature of the Beast

Through a half-open curtain, he welcomes me… to the stage of his ridiculous theater. My yearning for peace and belonging and the fact that he reminds me of an old friend from Prague has drawn me here… * I tell him my woes, He tells me I am beautiful… as if that is the main…