She told me her story.

How her mother got her addicted to meth when she was 14.

How she single handedly raised her little brother and sister.

How her other brother is going to jail.

How she is pregnant. “But don’t worry” she says…

It’s from a previous relationship.

Before I met your son.

I tell her… she needs to make an appointment soon.

My heart is breaking for her but I don’t let her see it.

I don’t show how her story has resurrected my own …

How immediately and urgently I want to stop her

From going through what I did.

I think… ignorantly… she will feel my support and compassion anyway.

She is beautiful… distractingly attractive.

Making it easy for boys (young and old) to ignore her brokenness…

And her deep unmet needs an invitation

To take her for everything

That she will freely give without thinking.

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