About Me

I always knew I would write. I’ve known it for 20 years but never picked up a pen or typed on a keyboard in any committed way until recently.


It was social media that sparked me… or, more accurately, my noble adversaries…


Men and women expressing their point of view… their values and passions, began to rub up against me and aroused my own. I call it divine friction 🙂


I don’t think I ever got a chance to know myself when I was younger… I was too busy just managing to survive. It was through the journey of recovery from my youth, through twists and turns of my relentless search for peace and meaning that, in spite of my pain and anguish I began to appreciate the rich tapestry of soul and life.


I delved deeply into my inner world and explored the edges of life. A fringe dweller, I observed others at a distance, in relative isolation. I did not trust others much because I could often feel what they said and how they felt inside where often at odds. In pain and hyper-vigilant, I judged this harshly.


Over the years, with the gradual and painstaking removal of my defences, I’ve come to a profound fascination and compassion for human existence. I’ve realised that, as a consequence of my own journey, I have the opportunity to be a guide… by daring to reveal my own humanity, my visions and my knowingness and by speaking out loud.


I’ve come to see that every human being is a gift to the world. I believe in being the change and that being the change is easier said than done. I feel compelled to do whatever I can to midwife a new world where those gifts live out loud.


With So much Love,

Radiant Rebecca

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  1. Helen Kavanagh says:

    Im loving your writings and am reflecting through them…keep it up…your writing flows…xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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