The Spirit of Palm Beach

I’ve been tempted to judge myself as desperate and needy, indulging Mills and Boonesque fantasies of a romance with the ghost of a troubled surfer-boy from Palm Beach.


“My senses are electric and magnetic.

My nervous system sparkles with pleasure as I feel the coolness of dew under my feet.”


To my relief

she listened

And I dropped in..

Past the anger

Past the anguish 

Down, down, down

To the grief.

To the very bloodroot of things.

Palmy Boy

As you rode that bike, you head hanging forward…shoulders to your ears..

Skinny jeaned knees splayed …

sun bleached, dirty curls swinging…

You body made you look like you were bracing yourself for impact… 


My Mind Bullied My Beautiful Body Until I Made It Stop

I remember being stared at when I was younger and while I liked the attention, there was something about it that really disturbed me, and that was being seen for what I was, not who I was. After I turned 40 something I started to experience a sense of ‘invisibility’, and I felt a strange combination of grief and relief. I’d dip in and out of thoughts like “oh, here it is, the point where my desirability is no more”, then the consequential fear; “no one will want me, and I will be alone for the rest of my life”, and “oh, finally, I don’t have to ‘perform’ like a circus monkey for your entertainment anymore!”.

Final Fantasy

I had a dream just now. I was somewhere with you .. Falling in love with you again. We were in a room somewhere above the clouds. Maybe we were in a fairytale castle? It seemed that way. I saw a pink, printed pillow floating in the sky as if it were a cloud. I…

Still Life With Jitterbug – a Tribute to Tom Robbins

The raspberry is the most sensual of fruits. The peach, admittedly, is more voluptuous, but the peach is unabashedly bawdy while the raspberry is exquisitely subtle. Strawberries are seductive enough, yet there runs through the strawberry a fickleness. The sensory imprint of the raspberry lingers long after the strawberry is spent. Native peoples get their…

The Eve of Resurrection

Sleeping beauty stirs… It is the Eve of resurrection…   We can feel her on the breeze calling love back into life.   She is our devotion. She is glowing in the darkness as she echoes through the spaces in our minds.   She is our tiny dancer… We yield to let her dance us…  As we move…

The Tradie

He has a relaxed, almost lazy demeanor. It shows in his gait and the way his mouth hangs open ever so slightly when he walks. He sports a rose tattoo on his left arm. His navy blue shorts and shirt, and his resignation to the futility of laundering betray evidence of his lot as a…


I scan the water for his familiar body language. He is a big man who’s weight partially submerges his Malibu as he moves through the water. His paddling style is stiff… the legacy of a shoulder injury many years ago. His bald head pushes through the air like a guided missile. His stance on the…

REAL is the new SEXY

Originally posted on Jamie's Blog:
It’s so radical to be authentic these days that it has an enigma all of it’s own. It’s very powerful to be visible with your vulnerabilities, it shakes people up in the places where they are too scared to be so visible. Listen to their judgements. They give you…

Breaking Bad – Empowerment from Betrayal

“I was appreciated and admired only for what I was to him, not for who I was and who I might be in my own right, and that (unconsciously) created a raging battle within me. I had become dependant on his attention. It makes me cringe just to think of it. I have to face very uncomfortable places in myself to own this. The bottom line is he showed up all of the places I already felt valueless and insignificant.”