Diving for Pearls

I wrote a post recently where I described my journey with a particular woman that evoked some stormy feelings in me. (read here).  The responses to this post were mixed. The majority were of deep appreciation of the resulting insights and a few completely missed the message.

From the latter group, I was offered well meaning ‘advice’ on not taking things personally and not letting others ‘get to me’, It was explained to me that I was ‘triggered’ and that I needed to ‘love myself more and stay out of other people’s business…

While I felt a little frustrated and bemused that these people were not getting where I was coming from, I did not take any of this personally…. In fact, I felt ignited and passionate and inspired to write this blog…I am utterly grateful that YOU GOT TO ME… so thank you noble adversaries!

Those who felt compelled to advise me saw through the filter of ‘transcendent psychology’, a conceptual framework for ‘rising above’ what are too often condemned as our lower (?) instincts and feelings in the name of ‘conscious spirituality’.

While adopting a belief system such as this was a valuable and necessary part of my own journey, it was a stepping stone and I’ve since moved on to vastly greener pastures…. the fertile field of the feminine 😉

Yes… this step in our personal evolution is absolutely valuable and necessary to develop the capacity of self-reflection and personal responsibility… the foundation of true empowerment right?

Like everything in this dual reality… it has a shadow side.

The downside to the transcendence paradigm is that it all too often does not acknowledge the wholeness of the exquisite blessing that is our humanity. In fact, if we are not careful it can reinforce  the damaging rift between the thinking and feeling parts of us so that we end up (unconsciously) judging, editing, marginalising or suppressing  our true urges and feelings (essentially the feminine aspect of our being) and projecting this onto others…  sound familiar?  Breathe into that for a bit…

It’s insane really, that we think we can move toward ‘oneness’ and freedom from separation when we relegate half of our own being to the sidelines.

Consider that our conscious, thinking capacity… the part of us that assesses, makes decisions and takes action in the name of ‘progress’ .. are expressions of our ‘masculine aspect’. Most of us will agree that when this aspect overrides the feminine qualities of nurturing, compassion, inclusion, receptivity  and feeling/sensing awareness,  we as a species, end up creating greed, competition and conflict, and trashing the very world that sustains us.            

We sit around (often on social media) bemoaning the state of the world remarking on human atrocities, corrupt systems,the devastation of nature and demonising the dominant patriarchy.

We comment on other’s experience presuming that we have the right to ‘edit’ anything we do not consider ‘PC’ (honestly…   how much ‘correctness’ exists in politics anyway?).

How much responsibility are we taking personally? How aware are we of our inner neediness and conflict… and the internal environment that sustains us (our soul)? The atrocities that occur when our conditioned beliefs (often corrupt systems) override our true nature and suppress the gifts of our individuality?

I invite you to consider the following….

What is it exactly that ‘informs’ this decision making part of us?

Do we trust our feelings?

Do we know the difference between an emotional ‘trigger’ and authentic

feeling expression?

Where do our ideas of what is acceptable or inappropriate spring from?

Where do our belief systems come from? External influence

(cultural conditioning) or our authentic knowing from within?

What would happen if we dropped our preconceptions for a moment

and validated every feeling that arose in our BODY even if it didn’t

‘make sense’ mentally?

What if we met that part of ourselves openly in honour and service to its

innocence and authenticity… trusting that it’s arising for a very valid reason?

What if we had the courage to allow our consciousness to penetrate deeper

through the layers hidden beneath? 

You wanna know how to heal the world?

Start with yourself… be the embodiment of unity… dare to be vulnerable,

explore your depths and share the pearls you bring back to the surface … 

THIS IS the game changer and time is of the essence….

AND NOW for the obligatory Rumi quote 😉

Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing,

there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

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  1. Marta Frant says:

    Very deep and thoughtful post💝
    And those questions at the end are though-provoking.

    Liked by 1 person

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