False Idols and True Grit

There is a woman I know who really pushes my buttons, she looks like Barbie, which in itself is neither here nor there…

It’s just the way she exploits her generic beauty assuming it automatically elevates her to the status of ‘goddess’ and qualifies her to be a representative of divine feminine ‘spirituality…

I’ve embarked on honest self-inquiry around this… asking myself if I feel threatened by her beauty? her youth?

Am I’m being petty and intolerant?

The conclusion is I am not petty but definitely intolerant.

I feel a threat yes… not to my self-esteem, but to deep feminine integrity and its expression in the world.

There is another woman I know who i admire greatly.

She is an exotic beauty physically yet, what is truly stunning about her is that she truly ‘lives’ her soul…

This mature woman is daring and controversial and challenges ‘consensus reality’ standing boldly in the face of a cruel and condemning mainstream paradigm. This woman has passion in her blood and a depth of soul and courage that Barbie has yet to remotely glean.

I was having a conversation with Barbie one day and mentioned the second woman. Barbie replied, with a look of disdain and a dismissive and condescending tone, “oh… but she’s so eccentric!”

Clearly this woman had no Idea who she was talking to… and how insulting those words were to me personally, as someone who lives to ‘explore the edges’.

In a time when the recognition and honouring of the feminine aspect of existence is gaining momentum (which is a beautiful thing), many women are experiencing a deep internal shift in their psyches and the true blossoming of their feminine soul.

Unfortunately, for others, divine femininity exists solely on the conceptual level (which is not ever where she will be found).

Sure, they’ve done numerous workshops on ‘feminine spirituality’ or tantra or Deida style polarity or have altars adorned with Hindu deities, but they haven’t really ‘got it’ yet… They’re just playing in the shallows, wearing pretty ‘Goddess’ costumes, ranting on social media and ‘acting the part’.

These women do not realise they are pandering to and enabling the social constructs they claim to want to be free from.

They have yet to burn on the alchemical pyre of transformation and thus are certainly not ‘embodied’ women. They are all about external impression. Always on the lookout for the next fashionable ‘idea’ to regurgitate. Their true agenda to feel admired and praised and worshiped as authorities on feminine power that comes purely from ideas and not from experience and, as objects of desire, because this is unfortunately the only ‘worth’ that they see.

All I can say is that there are authentic, embodied women out there who live in true service to humanity as their deepest calling. Women of immense courage who have traversed the underworld, been stripped bare of superficiality and falsehood and radiate true beauty.

There are also many robotic cardboard cutouts attempting to mimic embodiment and soul to fill the gaping void of their damaged self-esteem… even casting a convincing illusion, and it’s so important to be discerning when choosing one’s alliance…

Please remember all that glitters is not gold and there are real pearls to be had from true grit

~ Radiant Rebecca

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