Western Women Will Save The World?

A number of years ago I embarked on a journey to the dark interior…


When I feel fully grounded in my body and honestly express a feeling that arises within me in any moment, rigid mental positions and judgments just dissolve, creating an openness and flow of life itself. It is in this place I know so clearly and joyfully that any true power I wield will never come from any mental position of the ‘small me’.

In a state of deep, connected awareness it becomes clear to me that the problems of the world, the apparent masculine, left brain domination and the inherent results of this internal imbalance exist in me and are reflected in the general human condition.

The neglect and abuse of children, the oppression of men and women, poverty and starvation, the marginalization of elders, the dissolution of community, profit before people and the planet and the destruction of nature are all external ‘symptoms’ of an inner rift.

These symptoms are a reflection of a deep sense of abandonment and disconnection from the feminine (embodied, feeling aspect of life). Through our denial of her, both men and women have suffered the deep pain of her apparent absence, a pain acted out as victim/survival mentality, competition, cynicism, need, and greed.

The Dalai Lama said that “western women will save the world”. When I first heard that, I just thought it was a curious idea. I now really ‘feel’ this truth of this from the inside out…

It’s not uncommon for me to end up in earnest dialogues women who describe themselves as feminists. I was once accused of having a ‘First World’ perspective and that my statements were basically invalid as many women don’t have the luxury of education and (relative) freedom of speech to indulge in the ‘frivolous’ pursuit of embodying femininity. (If frivolous is how they see their femininity.. then what is feminism actually?).  I replied that “this simple truth highlighted our OBLIGATION (as western women) to use our place of ‘privilege’ to embody and honor feminine wisdom and to SPEAK OUT from this rich, deep, visceral awareness… because we are the ones that have the freedom and wherewithal to do so!”!

It remains my choice to embody, honour, value and express all the qualities of the feminine heart, to show up and let her be seen…

My Pledge:

It is with pleasure and reverence that I express my deep commitment to bring Her back to Her rightful place. I pledge that any interaction I have with the outside world must support and encourage her embodiment in others but most importantly inside me. I express my commitment, dedication, and devotion to this shift by expressing my unique gifts in the world through the fullness and truth of who I am and by relinquishing all I am not.

Yours truly,

a work in evolution…

Radiant Rebecca Kingsbury

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  1. Michael Wearing says:

    BEAUTIFUL, big loving support to you dear sister ❤️❤️🤗🤗

    Michael Maleny Men’s Community House. Home of The University of Manhood, being.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anna hookings says:


    yes rebecca

    I do t have a home. so not so OK. can’t really go on in. van.

    hence I deleted fb as feel a hypocrite. need some friends and womenhod asap.

    such a soulfull voice

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Radiant Rebecca Kingsbury says:

      that’s no good… where are you?


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