Celebrate the Night

In the world of duality the one thing that encompasses all is love…

To often our ‘New Age Hangover’ still has us tending to equate love, and the quest for spiritual freedom, with light alone.

When we are anchored in our bodies, our visceral awareness; when we feel the ebb and flow of life through our very being, we come to know the true alchemical power of darkness.

It is not darkness itself that causes pain; it is our fear of it; fear of the unseen and unknown. It is the very resistance of our mind to what it can’t control that causes us such anguish.

She invites us to transform with grace.. The mystery whose only master is surrender.  

To receive her gifts is not to struggle, not to fight, not to try, not to analyse, not to hope for the light… but to fully, wholly, deeply open to and be embraced by the darkness.

To savour it as precious, to luxuriate in it like a black velvet cloak.

This is the place of night vision, of insight… the cocoon where we dissolve, reform and emerge anew with integrated wisdom. Celebrate the night!!  

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  1. Ingold, Rie says:

    Does this email go back to you? Probably won’t.
    I am blown away by your writing…by your thinking…Who the hell are you? Every time I read something from you, I ask myself, “who the hell is this person and how do I meet her?”
    You are in my head only much more elegant and more advanced…I’m trailing behind a bit, but the thought is there. I’m reaching to be where you are. I see it. I’m almost there.
    Ok. Tears in my eyes.
    Thank you for sharing your head and heart and light and love and darkness and wisdom.

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    1. Wow Rie… what a humbling response… my heart just flew wide open. Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging words. Rebecca ❤


  2. markaid says:

    Well I just wrote a facebook post on paths to light. It looks like darkness has its appeal too! I suppose without one the other would not exist so I must embrace both!


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