If She Screamed…


If she screamed when she felt like screaming, if she shed tears when she felt like crying, if she named her fear when she felt afraid, if she could feel and show all of it without trying to make anything change; there would be a lot less confusion and misunderstanding in the world and her ‘worth’ would be undeniable to herself and to others…

The feminine ‘sense’ is the barometer for harmony.  True beauty is the courage to be vulnerable and the grace and strength to be authentic in this. ~RR

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  1. markaid says:

    Wow – so amazing. I began to imagine walking down the street and hearing the unrestrained cries and outbursts of shoppers and passersby like these were as normal as 2 year olds having tantrums
    Everine would be like child.

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    1. Radiant Rebecca says:

      Hi Markaid, Haha… yes… it could be like that for a while as we’ve so long suppressed our true feelings… and i feel that if we were raised to make all feeling expression ok, there would not be such a ‘build up’ of tension needing to be released and I feel as though it would be a much more connected, intimate and harmonious world…


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