I woke this morning and walked outside.

The air thick on my skin, rich with the scent of nature’s sex

as she basked in the afterglow of a hot, steamy night.


I inhale deeply, willingly surrendering open to my body’s sensuality.


I smell a powerful blend of wild wattle and ocean air…

I’m sure the wattle shouldn’t bloom at this time of year?

And, the mushroom circles in the grass?

Peculiar… and magical.


A toned and golden, 30 something man sprints across the road in his undies.


I grin to myself and think…

it doesn’t get much better than this…


My senses are electric and magnetic.

I feel every cell sparkle with pleasure as the cool and moist dew caresses the soles of my feet.

Alive and enchanted by my body’s exquisite sensing.

This morning I am very much enjoying being me 🙂

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