Radical Self-Love

In 2011, just after New Year and in the blink of an eye – an entire life I had created with my husband of 11 years disappeared into the ether after a domestic violence incident. This was my second marriage and I was shocked. The life I had struggled and fought to create every moment in this life together was no longer.

While I journeyed with the unnecessary shame and guilt that victims can carry as a result of the grief, I couldn’t help but see this as a glaring, blinding light of opportunity that was pleading with me to drop everything, You could literally say this was the moment I was offered the blue pill or the red pill (and I had never seen the Matrix at that point). I was being asked, once more, to recreate myself.

It didn’t take me very long to realise that this conscious, and very reverent way of being, was about being in service to the Divine. A huge aspect of this was uncovering my true Feminine self, and go about to recreate yet another life that truly was worth living, in all its forms. And have the courage to design what I wanted, calling forth all I needed to be who I truly am. This required me to honour my Feminine Heart, connect to the truth of who I really was, and drop into radical self-love no matter what.

While I knew I had some choice in whether I embarked on this path, it terrified me, in reality. The call came from the depths of my being, asking me to seriously look at re-evaluate all that was important to me and it was hard to ignore. Going back was not possible: not physically, not emotionally and I had no intention of trying to go backwards or even sideways.

Since then, I have abandoned anything that didn’t support a life that was full of self-love and self-honouring. With every moment, and every step I have taken, I have come to understand my own inner power and grace and redefine what it is to be Woman as a result.

Radical self-love means taking responsibility for where I find myself, and the choices I make in my life and trusting that my soul’s wisdom knows far more than my ego could even begin to fathom.

Radical self-love means a life committed to unlocking all that I do to repress myself, either consciously or unconsciously and allow myself to shine no matter what. Getting out of my own way, and working out where conditioning and programming work behind the scenes to sabotage what it is I want for myself.

It means a life that embraces the concept of allowing Divine Grace and Love to do its work, with me supporting that. It means having the courage to accept what is, as it appears. To accept others, as they appear. Not to rescue, not to enable, but to simply allow what is and then work through the process of discernment by utilising healthy boundaries that serve the highest good of all concerned.

Radical self-love means being willing to ‘back myself’ to use Australian vernacular. It is the concept of trusting that I am supported, no matter what and not needing that validation or approval from anyone but my staunchest critic – that’s me. Self-nurturing so that I may nurture. Self-Honouring so that I may honour. Self loving so that I may love. Dropping the role of the critic.

Radical self-love is about recognising and acknowledging that every moment is sacred.

Radical self-love – for me – is about honouring my Feminine self where I have had to learn to receive graciously, and genuinely. This came with some intention on my part, and some amazing teachers in my midst – both male and female – that allow me to be who I need to be so that I may continue my work on my path.

Radical self-love is about contributing to a better world, by working on what is occurring within.

Radical self love for me is about having the courage to truly assess current paradigms around spirituality, sexuality and relationships and pioneering new ways forward that allow me to operate in the highest vibration at all times.

Radical self love is inviting in abundance in all its forms and doing away with limiting beliefs that uphold fear, scarcity and poverty consciousness
At 48 years of age, I am finally comfortable in my own skin, without needing to do another thing. Honouring myself in my current form, feeling sexy, alive and Wildly Feminine. Any notion that I am not enough as I am, has left me. I am Wildly Feminine Woman on a mind-blowing journey of discovery that isn’t over yet.



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