Primal Scream

I am so grateful to be where I am right now.

I need to rest.

This life business can be exhausting. 

At least, that is my experience.

It’s four something in the morning…

Again… I couldn’t sleep.

I am more awake than I have ever been… yet reeling from the dream.

You see, dear reader, I landed on this planet with a thud, and it’s taken me well over 40 years to get up and brush myself off.

Is it my weakness that as a soul my sensibilities formed in a place unlike here? It is as if I came from some magical realm beyond time and space where everything was sweet harmony.

I remember as a child feeling as if all those around me were crazy and that things were at odds with my knowing. What if they also landed with a thud and were completely disorientated too? 

I now have no choice but to forgive them… all of us… for acting out of our existential wound. 

Or maybe I have finally discovered the value and simplicity of acceptance… the peace and freedom of letting go.

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