REAL is the new SEXY

Originally posted on Jamie's Blog:
It’s so radical to be authentic these days that it has an enigma all of it’s own. It’s very powerful to be visible with your vulnerabilities, it shakes people up in the places where they are too scared to be so visible. Listen to their judgements. They give you…

Breaking Bad – Empowerment from Betrayal

“I was appreciated and admired only for what I was to him, not for who I was and who I might be in my own right, and that (unconsciously) created a raging battle within me. I had become dependant on his attention. It makes me cringe just to think of it. I have to face very uncomfortable places in myself to own this. The bottom line is he showed up all of the places I already felt valueless and insignificant.”

Resurrecting the Innocent Heart.

I have memories of my early childhood. One was when I wandered into the neighbour’s garden.. I must have been very young because I discovered a plot of different coloured daisies that towered way above me.  I was mesmerized and enchanted by such beauty and wonder. In my child’s heart, I had found a magical…

The Great Divide – A Tantric Perspective

Men and boys grow up in our culture walking on eggshells. The idea that masculinity is something to fear permeates the psyches of men and women alike.  To tend toward aggression, violence, domination, and exploitation, is almost expected of men. We expect them to be guilty before proven innocent. We expect them to ‘step up’ and ‘man up’. The effect of these unspoken assumptions is a heavy burden to bear.

Arnhem Land

Standing on a plateau in Arnhem land I shed cool and silent tears. My feet connected to the earth… with every cell of my being, I hear the whispers of generations. The Dreamtime is not some primitive fantasy It is a realm beyond our ignorance a portal beyond time. Weaving songlines cross the land and every…

Primal Scream

“I am more awake than I have ever been… yet reeling from the dream.”

Deep Defiance

Originally posted on Joyous Woman! with Sukhvinder Sircar:
She’s redefining Deep Defiance. It comes from her roots going deep into the earth. There are too many happenings in her world wanting to break her down. Her rootedness makes her unshakable. That is defiance enough. It does not necessarily show up as a fist in the…

Freedom or Bust?

It’s as if I can taste how things can be… an essential, connected beingness… there is no real ‘discrepancy’ ‘out there’ … and the moment I get my hands and feet in the soil… I laugh about everything my mind takes issue with…. or gets caught up in for its own self-serving gratification. We get…

An All Too Common Grace

Leaves fall to the ground So Precious Yet completely ignored   taken for granted… What a shame, what a shame.. it’s not just the breakdown of elements returning to the soil there is alchemy sublime in every instant of exchange   the transition the movement itself an invisible secret…   the patterns of the past acknowledged, responded to and…

Writer’s Block

This is a eulogy for all the words that never fell on paper. Born from an ocean of impression Between impulse and exhale   Seeds… ripe with potential that were not born to stay     Unrequited love is here again today.      

Another One Bites The Dust

Rant Warning: I rarely go to public events these days but, when I do, it’s because I believe the experience will be worth it. I love spoken word and poetry slams so I was thrilled when I saw my beloved Luka Lesson was performing at Miami Marketta on Sunday. The first half of the afternoon…