Final Fantasy

I had a dream just now.

I was somewhere with you.

Falling in love with you again.

We were in a room somewhere above the clouds.

Maybe we were in a fairytale castle?

It seemed that way.

I saw a pink, painted pillow floating in the sky as if it were a cloud. I found my camera and took a photo so I could show you. I was always a bit competitive with you that way. I wanted to show you what I could do, to win your praise and approval.

You know, I always thought that If I could be raw enough,  real enough with you, you would love me more. I was prepared to strip myself to the bone if necessary, to burn in the fires with you.

Somewhere in my naive fantasy, I imagined you having the willingness and courage to do that. I imagined it was possible that I could inspire that in you.

Maybe that’s just not how it works here on Earth? This duality thing has got me confused. It seems every beautiful dream here has its counterpart nightmare. Or, maybe it’s because I prayed for enlightenment without understanding the consequences?

You see, I am being stripped to the bone… Burning in the fires regardless of you.

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  1. Michael Wearing says:

    Beautiful Lady Rebecka, heat you cry for emotional courage in us men. Deep respect

    Michael Maleny Men’s Community House. Home of The University of Manhood, being.


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