Venus in the Basement


I found her in your basement

Drowning in dust

Obscured by the archives of your past.


I asked you about her

but you didn’t say much

just kind of shrugged and brushed it off


One night,

you drove us in

She glowed brightly

in your beam


Such familiar relegation

don’t you see?


I asked if I could

bring her up…

You said “what do you mean”?

I said ‘Venus’

Such a shame

to leave her here…


Of course you indulged me

Such a gentleman at heart

but you really never, ever got

to know… Her



my mind keeps wandering

to my frying pan on your stove

and the small space

for my ‘hot stuff’

in your quiver


and I can’t help but wonder

if she still stands on her altar

or if she’s back down in the basement


Rebecca Radiant Kingsbury

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